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Inspirational Story

Diksha Foundation

We are back with another inspirational story! We are pleased to write about Diksha Foundation. Diksha is influencing the society with their unique style of education for children and youth from low-income background in Bihar.  Here is the full story of Diksha Foundation:

Manzil has played a critical role in the journey of many educational start-ups.  One such organization is Diksha Foundation based in Bihar. Diksha runs three learning centres- two in Bihar, in Patna and Nalanda, and another one in New Delhi. Diksha’s founding team visited Manzil for the first time in summer of 2010. They found the experience very inspiring and decided to create a place similar to Manzil in Bihar.

Shyamlika Krishna, the Project Manager, shared, "Diksha’s focus area is holistic education and our motto is learning with fun. Our vision is to make education accessible for the children and the youth from low-income communities. 350 children and youth study at our learning centres in Patna, Nalanda and Delhi; the centres are equipped with resources like books, computers and tablets”.

Diksha makes consistent efforts to bridge the digital divide and introduce the children to computer technology and audio visual tools. These centres are creative, inclusive and vibrant learning spaces. Along with educational lessons, the children are encouraged to participate actively in games, sports and other engaging activities. Along the lines of Manzil, Diksha classes are organised on four subjects such as. Maths, English, Computers and Hindi.

Diksha has a culture of creativity and innovation, and they have come up with some best practices to make education more inclusive.

Open House Meeting:

Open House Meeting is a platform for debate and discussion where students and teachers get together and reflect on the activities of the centre. The meetings are held on a monthly basis at Diksha's centres. This programme witnesses high level of participation from the children and serves as a planning and reflection tool for the learning community.

Bal Sansad:

The spirit of democracy shall strengthen when it is made stronger at the roots. Bal Sansad (Children Parliament) is a platform designed with the vision to inculcate democratic values in the “leaders of tomorrow”. Diksha members elect the members of the parliament annually. It is a children led programme, and the students elect their ministers and other office bearers who participate in the smooth running of the learning centre. The parliamentary process encourages ownership and develops leadership skills in the children. This initiative covers the civic aims of education as it encourages the learners to practice democracy. The goal is to help the students become active citizens and develop a positive mindset towards political participation.

Index for Inclusion:

Diksha is also experimenting with the Index for Inclusion, a manual developed by Prof Tony Booth, University of Cambridge.  The index manual helps in creating an inclusive environment in schools and learning spaces so that each child gets to fully participate in the learning process. The Index helps the teachers in becoming aware of various dimensions of inclusion, deepening their perspective on educational issues and understanding that different children have different needs and addressing the learning difficulties that can be identified using the questions/indicators specified in the manual.


The migration of children to different locations is the major challenge being faced by Diksha.  Other struggles include early childhood marriage, child labour and the health and nutrition of the learners. Earlier they also faced problems with parental and community involvement but they have addressed the same with regular visits to parents home and monthly meetings with the community.

Currently, in partnership with the National Innovation Foundation (NIF), Diksha organises an Ignite Campaign which aims at discovering the "out of the box element" in every child.  The organization holds the Ignite Campaign in over 200 schools per year reaching out to 10,000 children from government schools and low-cost private schools. Six children from Bihar have received the Ignite Award from the President of India for their innovative and creative ideas.

Diksha receives support through a contribution from individual donors. They also receive support from international donors like Asha for Education and Rotary Club. Their corporate donors include MediaGuru, Bank of India and Punjab National Bank. National Innovation Foundation is the government donor partner for the Ignite campaign. Manzil’s co-founder, Ravi Gulati, is an Advisory Board Member of Diksha and has been guiding the organization for the past five years.

By Dikasha’s great work towards the quality education to underprivileged children, we are  extremely proud to see that Manzil is actually spreading his ideas and values through Diksha in other places.

We wish Diksha Best of Luck and wish that they will be extending their work in other places and will keep making a difference in children lives.

Manzil Got Talent: Pradeep Kumar

Manzil Got Talent: Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep’s Journey of Fulfilling a Dream

About Pradeep:

We are very proud to have Pradeep with us first as a student of Manzil and later as a mentor for our current students. We are extremely happy to cover his endeavor Delhi by Locals for our newsletter. His journey first started as a boy with full dedication who came to Manzil to learn English. Pradeep worked very hard and mastered English and later became a computer teacher. He always seeks opportunity for learning as he is a keen learner. He has a unique talent that he easily recognizes anyone’s talent and encourages them to achieve their goals. He helps those people and students around him to prepare the essential documents needed for their next steps in life. Everyone loves him as he never hesitates to help others and motivate people as much as he can. With times he has learned a lot and has right balance between trust and skepticism. He moves forward in every step he takes confidently. Everyone feels grateful for his helpfulness and wants to be in his company. He loves traveling and he continues to travel as much as he can, touring in England, Canada, Nepal, the United States, and, of course, India.

His passion for learning led him to join Delhi Magic as a student guide in 2008. He continued learning how to design unforgettable tours at other companies such as LPTI and Reality Tours and Travel, where he was an Operations Manager. He completed his graduation with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Delhi. Soon he completed a Masters Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management at the Indira Gandhi National Open University.  After 9 years in the travel industry, he was confident to branch out on his own.  It was not that easy initially to start his business and it had many risks. But finally he took the decision and gave up his fixed salary and started his own endeavor Delhi by Locals in the end of 2016. It wasn’t easy- he faced challenges during this journey- like mentally he has had to adjust to earning less, taking on risk and writing for his website. He successfully overcame each one of these and it has lead to greater and greater growth for him personally and professionally.  

There are more than 500 travel companies on trip advisor and Delhi by Locals is in top 20. Now with over 100 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor, we all have high expectations from Delhi By Locals. We are wishing him all the best in the future and expected that he will continue to be an asset to society, especially young, in better ways. It will grow and expand to other cities eventually. Best part about the firm is that 50% of the profits from Delhi by Locals go towards the benefit and development of the local communities.

Other Non Profit Organization Involvement:

He is also associated with other non-profit organisations in the Delhi region like Alohomora. Through his work with organisations including Manzil and Manzil Plus, he has met other motivated young people who believe in the power of education as a tool to build leadership and break the cycle of poverty for marginalized populations. This strong connection to his students inspires Pradeep’s work and mission.

He loves learning and takes every opportunity he can get to give back to the community. He has recently started his own NGO called Learningby Locals in Sanjay Colony Slum Okhla, where he is playing an important role to educate and empower the youth. They work towards the skill development of the youth and to provide them with the guidance required to build a career and to help them achieve their life goals. We strongly feel that the two together- Pradeep and Delhi by Locals- will provide a very powerful offering in Delhi Tourism.

We wish them both the best of luck for the work they are doing. 

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The Manzil Winter Camp was organised from December 12, 2016 to December 26, 2016 and consisted of multiple sessions conducted by teachers to make the holidays more fun for the students of Manzil. The sessions were organised from 3 pm to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, to ensure maximum participation.

Manzil's Got Talent

मंजिल ने अपने 20 साल के सफर में बहुत से हीरे तराशे है उनमे से एक हैं हम सबके अनिल भईया 17 साल पहले अनिल भईया मंजिल से एक वाॅलंटियर के रूप में जुड़े थे, और अगले 7 सालो तक वो इसी रूप में काम करते रहे। उसके बाद उन्होंने कंप्यूटर के टीचर का पद सम्भाला और अब तक वो अपनी ये जगह बनाये हुए है।

Gratitude Note - Anirudh

Anirudh is like one of our best brothers and is a really nice teacher.  He has been teaching Maths at Manzil for 2 years and has also started teaching English now. When he teaches, he explains things from the beginning, so it directly sets in students mind and they are unable to forget it.

How One Opportunity Can Change a Girl's Life

Issues are always present in our society but in spite of all the issues, we need to look upon new opportunities to make a change in girls' lives. Societal norms always exist in society which makes us always afraid to voice our strong opinion, because of the un acceptance and the outrage we receive from the others.

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If Karma was a religion I would have love to teach,
Not because I have done all good deeds but this what I preach,